English Rap - Why I'm Such a Sane

English Rap Lyrics - Why I'm Such a Sane

( Freestyle - Haters - Opponent )

Here we go again
to play the game,
In my lab to make my name
on a golden chain.
I dont give a fuck to you,
I just wanna make u screw,
that to get me on fame,
you cant put me on blame,
Becoz for fame, i have to rap
like a train and not a crap,
to make my name with the aim
to get me fame with me on the frame.
I dont feel shame and i'm not a hurricane,
that can inflame your ego with a exclaim.
But if u think u are born star,
then come to my lab and let us play a game,
To rap on the beat on the feet,
so that we both can feel the heat,
to make effort on the rap to defeat.

And if you think you are a macho,
then come to my show,
where people bow for my glow,
that will make you low,
And will take you to your imagination
where u will have the sensation
that not only my show is perfection,
but is full of vocation.
So better for you to hire a taxi,
and go back to your fantasy,
where u are the champ and i am the daffy,
but hey, in real you are a scamp and me a real mc.

Just be you motherfucker,
and try to feel my swagger,
I m not the one to get boo's
and not the one to bet fools,
But you are a such a damn fool,
that seems to be a boy of school,
always dreaming of like a spool,
round and round just want to be a cool,
having no sense of grant but be a drool.
Man, see my life, how i live,
like a life of survive and revive,
and gaining the experience to be a contrive,
Now i can rap with thrive that makes me satisfy,
to call myself a real by working alive,
Now i can rap like a real rapper,
all becoz of hatred i receive from haters,
As i am the real from the initial,
people want to avoid me for their beneficial.
Now me living a life of enjoyed and they on sacrificial.

So you think you can beat me without guts,
without experiencing anything like butts.
having no idea what to say on cusps,
but still dreaming and behaving like a cuss.
Hey man,please go catch a van,
that can take you station for a train,
or to the airport for the plane,
and try to travell this world with brain,
You will come to know why i am such a sane.

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