English Rap - Let It Shine

English Rap Lyrics - Let It Shine

( Freestyle - Opponent )

Here we go again,
Prepare to meet your end,
Just looked you up on facebook,
You have 0 friends.

The kids a loser yo he ain't even kissed a girl,
You write her love letters ,
I buy her ice and pearls.

So how you like me now,
Even roxanne is in the background
saying wow blings got style.
I'm off the gold chain, 
If you a rapper why is kris your backup dancer
like an EX from soul train.

I see your mommy and your daddy in the front row,
They must be embarrased for you bro,
You're not a real mc you should quit it HIP HOP.

Now be a good bus boy,
And go get your mop.
Bling you don't anna battle.
You are the snake without the rattle,
You are the boat without the paddle,
You are the duck without the waddle, 
You are horse without the saddle,
You are the ranch without the caddle,
You are the day without the shadow, 
Son i think you should skiddadle.
Kick Grapple, sayonara punk arrive derci,
What language do I have to say for you to hear me clearly.

Adios amigo, you are over with finito,
this clown couldn't rap anything but my burrito.

You have to hold your mommy's hand before you cross the street.
You have to sneak out the house just to clean and sweep.
And now you look queasy, i made him go mute.
Put your camera phones up so you can post this on Youtube.

Truth's got screw loose, he's is terrified to bust.
So lightweighed that i could blow him over with a gust.
You are weak like seven days, you deserve Boo's.
You should walk around in some high heel shoes.

You should rock pigtails and a skirt.
You are shaking in your boots
Are you r feeling getting hurt.
ooh, well maybe I should hurt more than your feelings.
Maybe i should rip off the theater ceiling.
Maybe you should start kneeling as I
The Great Histy you are so wack,
If you were me, you couldn't diss me.

Kissy Kissy Roxanne,
did you miss me.
I'll take you out to dinner after ive eaten this pipsqueak.
And when we're on vacation i'll let him house sit.
Here's a couple bucks, buy youself a better outfit.

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