English Rap - Feel My Love

English Rap Lyrics - Feel My Love

( Feelings - Love )

My life has now become hell,
Each day without you I fell,
like a prisoner in celle,
You may hate me and repel,
But I love you and i yell,
to be a part of your life,
to survive for the love of rife,
I am the one that cares for you,
I m the one that always stares to you,
becoz I m in real love with you,
But still I got love impairs from you,
that insists me to break my heart,
into millions of pieces to depart,
that makes me weak and hard,
And still mad for your love with regard.
But nothing goes in my way,
and you are on your way, to break me everyday,
like a fucking prey, hey, please say,
If you ever listened to your heart,
why I am glistened for your love, baby,
No, you haven't seen my affection, 
impression which I made to you was just a connection,
without any complexation, to feel my love's ejection.
but still you ignored my seduction,
Now I'm loosing my consiousness,
feeling stressed and depressed to forgot my past,
and to focus on my new way with grasp,
But hey, I'm not the one to have such strength,
without your care I cant take such stealth.
Please give me a place to live in your heart,
mine's already have a place for your part.
Give me a chance to connect my soul with yours,
I will protect your heart with all cures.
Please help me, I cant live without you,
day by day I'm loosing my love's view,
that will make me to blew,
to loss my life and you will not find any clue.

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