English Rap - Don't Battle With Me

English Rap Lyrics - Don't Battle With Me

( Battle - Freestyle )

Hey yo,
You wanna battle with me,
Then stop tattle you bee,
Fuck your murmur with gutsy,
Don't wannabe a motherfucky,
You know what I mean to be,
avoid radio, just watch MTV.
where u can see me, 
me? yeah me...!! with all those hits,
that can make u blitz, to loose your shit,
with fucking beats, that will break your tits
and you motherfucker will quit.
You will feel the cramp of my tamp,
that you are just a vamp and me a champ,
You will cry like you are slammed,
by your mam, you kid,
Just try to increase your RAM,
and understand what is misunderstand,
that you have in your contraband,
huh !... bang bang bang....
yeah !... bang bang bang...
that's right man.
If you still think you can battle,
babble, then come to my castle,
where I will have the jangle,paddle,
that will break your dick with babel,
rascal, hope you got it, u frazzle.
So if you wanna challenge with me,
then better for you to see,
where i stand and you in the deep sea.
Its not a joke to fuck with talent,
If u have such then I accept your challenge,
but as i am a gallant, but still be valiant,
to give respect to you for your attachment.
But never say to battle with me,
I will turn to untangle to break your knee,
No one is born to defeat me as an Emcee.

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Unknown said...

Can I use this

Nitish Nítz Sharma said...

You may.

Unknown said...

Nive beat

Unknown said...

Nice beat

Unknown said...

Lot of bad words

Unknown said...

Ya osm rap song
I am also making rap

Unknown said...

Tu chante bien mon cousin tes très fort man

Unknown said...


snoop Liger SA said...

Love it

Anonymous said...

Nice rap bro.... We need more....

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