English Rap - Believe Me Haters

English Rap Lyrics - Believe Me Haters

( Attitude - Freestyle - Haters )

This is a message to all my haters,
and to all the barking critisizers.
Lets go !!
 Shut down your stumbled mouth,
I cant bear anymore your fucking douse,
Just go back to your hulking house,
You know what I mean you sucking drowse,
mouse, creator of the chaos, doubts,
be arouse, and stand up on your legs,
fight for your spirit and don't beg,
for the life of limit, don't heg,
just stick to the hard work,
you rather soon will achieve smart work,
But for now keep your feet to the ground,
don't think that I have never found,
I have seen you kind of pedo on streets,
have no scope, no ecstatic for the treats,
creeps, pleads but still no emotions on beats,
Just hanging around to insult the succeeds,
I am not the one that you can insist panic on me,
stop my dreams to see and my future to glee,
Better you can check yourself how you straggle,
become havoc on struggle and your cock on waggle,
Your emotion gets twirl, your mind becomes whirl,
you want your life to be furl on happiness with hurl,
But nothing goes in your way, and you have to pay,
for each word you made to others with slay,
But hey, you still follow what you obey,
and day by day you keeping falling to allay,
You want others to bow in front of you,
but how ? without any reason to view,
your arrogance resists you to grew,
your instability reduces your ability,
and destructs mentality to become screw.
On other side, I am always on the air,
without any fear, getting love from others with cheers,
people are mad for my work, want for jerk, perk,
and no one is there to have shirk.
everyone is ensnare with my quirk.
So you better clear your intentions,
what to do for the impressions,
thinking others below your concessions,
is a fault that you are making in expressions.
Peace !!

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