Top Desi Indian Hip Hop Rap Songs of this Month

Top 10 Desi Indian Hip Hop Rap Songs of April 2018

Hi Everyone, the Desi Hip Hop culture is spreading across India and more people had started to show their passion and love for this culture. Apart from popular rappers of India, today we can see a lot of underground rappers who are making good quality rap songs and they deserve to be called as true Rap artists.

In this post, you will come to know top desi hip hop rap songs of April 2018 and I request you to listen the songs on your speakers with high bass, you will feel the genre. Please be informed that the list has been made from my own personal view and has not been taken from anywhere else.

1. Sunny Malton - Byg Byrd - Brown Boys - "COPYCAT"

This song is dope and has brutal bars. I think this song is a diss for somesone but overall the song is lit and goes hard on the dope beat. Byg Bryd has some real skills.

2.  Sofia Feat. BOHEMIA - "Thinking About You"

This song is really a master piece and will stick to your brain specially the chorus sung by Sofia. The single verse of Bohemia in this song is remarkable as always. Though the teaser of the music video was out before six months but finally Kali Denali Music Youtube channel had uploaded the video and makes this song a super hit.

3. J19 Squad - "Zindagi"

This song clearly indicates that Desi Hip Hop is on right track. From Chorus to verses, this song has everything. J19 Squad at their best in this song.

4. Ikka - Lil Golu - DJ Harpz - "Theek Hai Theek Hai"

This song is lit. The beat is hard and the verses are simple and smooth. Ikka is one of the experienced artists we have in this industry and in this song, he does not disappoint us. On the other side, Lil Golu has its own typical style which fully fits on the beat of the song.

5. DIVINE - "One Side

This song is typically a Mumbaikar song and has a unique style of Divine. Heavy bars from Divine makes this song a history in Desi Hip Hop Industry.

6. Fateh feat. Rich Rocka & Haji Springer - "Gang Gang"

This song contains a fresh music and you will hear a different Fateh here. Chorus of the song is catchy and heavy verses of Rich Rocka & Haji Springer in the song makes the song perfect.

7.  Demons Clique - "Haan Bhai"

This song signifies the talent North East India has and they are far ahead in Rap Music. Demons Clique from Itanagar (capital of Arunachal Pradesh) is one of the popular groups of North East India and this song goes hard in both English and Hindi Languages. The hook made for the song is excellent and the beat is lit with high bass.

8. Haji Springer ft Raxstar - "NEEND"

Perfect Collaboration between two great artists - Haji Springer & Raxstar. The song is smooth and has a lit flow. Mumble hook make this song dope and verses from Haji Pajji and Raxstar make this song hit.

9. 1RAJ - "Golliyan Chalegi"

This song is dope and has a Gangsta flavor in it. 1RAJ is an upcoming star and he has proved it in this song. Heavy bars on the beat in Hindi is not an easy task but 1RAJ had proved this wrong and he deserves to be welcomed in this industry.

10. BANKA ft. Randeep Gill & Sagar Kanda - "Slow Down"

This song is truly deserves to be on the list. The song is lit and has good lyrics. It has a story and the beat goes hard with melodious chorus.


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