How to be a Rapper in India ? - An article to guide you to fulfill your dream.

How to be a Rapper in India ?  

Rap Flow Lyrics - How to be a Rapper in India - Article

With the rise of Desi Hip Hop culture and social media, one gets the best opportunity to be a rap artist and pursue his career in rapping in India. But to be a rap artist in India is not an easy task if you are looking to be part of a long race. Many people start their interest but they are not able to sustain their ambition to be a rapper.

Therefore, in this article, I will guide you how to be a real rap artist so that your stage name can be coined in the history of Indian Hip Hop.

Before the guide, I would like to inform you that to be a rapper in India depends upon how one understands to graduate to be a rapper. In India, most of the rappers are underground but those in Bollywood, they are required to show skills considering a large common audience of India. So it depends how one sets his ambition from being a Bollywood rapper, underground rapper, western type rapper, freestyle rapper to just want to rhyme the words.

I’m writing this article considering to be a rap artist like 50 Cent, Eminem, Bohemia, Drake or even Badshah or Raftaar.

1. Understanding the Rap genre and Hip Hop

Rap Flow Lyrics - Understanding Rap Genre and Hip Hop

Rap music genre and Hip Hop, both are interlinked with each other. Rap is to rhyme the words on the beat and hip hop is the style associated with it. Before tagging yourself as a rapper, kindly go through the history of rap music and listen the songs of popular artists. Try to grab thestyles of different artists and if it fits you naturally then it means it is your inbuilt style or else you have to create your own which is recommended. Kindly avoid to copy each and everything from the artist.

2. Practice and Develop a Flow -

Rap Flow Lyrics - develop a flow like Raftaar

    After understanding your inbuilt style does not mean that you are ready to drop songs. The next step is to practice and develop a flow on the beats. Once you have certain level of practice and understanding of the beat then you are prepared to drop lines irrespective of the music style, even in Bollywood or bhangra.

3. Develop Attitude and Charming Behavior

Rap Flow Lyrics - Bohemia like Style and Attitude

    It is history that rappers are considered to be serious artists. Now this seriousness comes when you start putting your real life experiences in your lyrics. Therefore always try to be curious and observe the world. Be real and it will definitely create a charm of being a rapper.

4. Recording Tracks, Sharing and Collaboration

Rap Flow Lyrics - Recording, Sharing and collabs

    Now once you have your style and flow, start recording your tracks and improve your weaknesses. Start recording your tracks in studio and start sharing it on social media like facebook, twitter and have your own youtube channel. You will get offers for collaboration.

5. Have Patience and Wait for the moment

Rap Flow Lyrics - Have patience to be a rapper.

    You have to keep patience in order to survive in the industry. Before getting a professional tag, just keep producing tracks, the newer ones will always be better than the older ones. Just wait for the right time, you will definitely get the turning point in your life.

     6. Have some extra and unique

Rap Flow Lyrics - style, jewellery, cars, profiles

    Apart from your rapping skills, have some extra in your identity. This can be your fashion, jewelry collection or your attractive profiles of your social media accounts.

Throughout this journey, just be yourself and have faith in yourself. There will be ups and downs specially from the society and family but if your intention is clear then no one will restrict you. Whenever you will feel low just listen songs of your favorite artists, it will increase your morale to reach towards your goal.

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Unknown said...

Thanks bro for the brief explanation

Prashant_c said...

how to grow hindi vocablory

Rap Flow Lyrics said...

Start collecting hindi words in your notepad. Whenever you listen a new hindi word, just understand the meaning from google and then save it in your memory or in a notepad. While writing lyrics, try to use those words which you have saved.

Ak1307 said...

Please give me a suggestion to make strong hindi vocabulary.

Unknown said...

Please tell how to make my lines more strong and hard

Unknown said...

Rap is a part of Hip Hop...Hip Hop is a culture, DJing, B-boying, graffiti and rap are the four elements of Hip Hop...some say beatboxing is the fifth element but IDK, not so sure about it but rapping and beatboxing goes hand in hand

Unknown said...

Incorporate literary elements in ur bars/lines like simile, metaphors, puns...make wordplays using homophones, make punchlines using references, metaphors etc

Unknown said...

How to Because A rapper

if i write a few rap so how can i add a beats and music in rap for recording time

Unknown said...

Im also a rapper...
Check the youtube channel spidi trap
Must subscribe and like ❤

Gagag5 said...

I'm from NE India but I don't speak fluent hindi so will I make it if I do the game in English.

Unknown said...

Ofcours brothEr mix it up wid ENglish N yor mothErtoNguE lANguAgE . Emm olso going to begin my career in hip hop . Shout out from North ( Himachal Pradesh ) 🤘

Unknown said...

Can a girl become a rapper

Corny said...

Why not

Anonymous said...

It's me kishan dahal before I had been worked in Delhi eight years funded of fhi USAID gtz as a social worked it's really panic for when 2009 I was came to biratnagar but no one's given me oppertunity again I started long hard struggled I drove vichle I had been worked six years but when lock down it cames everyones deception me thousand n thousand tears dropped down from my eyes because I h'v also family

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