How to Write Rap Lyrics in Punjabi Language?

How to Write Rap Lyrics in Punjabi Language? 

How to Write Punjabi Rap Lyrics - Rap Flow Lyrics

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Today I will discuss on how to write rap lyrics in Punjabi. We all know that those rappers which are popular in India have a link with Punjabi rapping. Moreover, the people living abroad prefers Punjabi rap music over Hindi. Also with the evolution of Punjabi Rap Music, a lot of international rap artists had collaborated with Punjabi rappers.

It is clear that most of us who can speak both Hindi and Punjabi languages prefer rapping in Punjabi as Punjabi words always fit on the beat and create a same flow which we used to hear in English rap music.

From Bohemia to Badshah, from Raftaar to Ikka, from Sikander Kahlon to Fateh or even Yo Yo, all these known rappers had already achieved milestones in Punjabi Music industry. With the support of Dr Zeus, Manj Muzik and now Byg Brd, many hit songs had been made and had boosted Desi Hip Hop industry.

In this article, I would teach you the basics of writing Punjabi rap lyrics and how to maintain a flow in it. Like Hindi, Punjabi too is bounded with limited words unless you are grown up speaking pure Punjabi language. There is time when you have to use English words in the lines in order to maintain a flow or expressing your correct emotions since Hip Hop is originated from the western world and one develops the interest in rapping only by listening to western rappers. Moreover, there are good number of synonyms of a word in English language which is not the same rule that applies here.

To write Punjabi rap lyrics, kindly follow the points mention below -

#1: Picturizing the theme

How to Write Punjabi Rap Lyrics - Rap Flow Lyrics

Before writing rap lyrics, just try to create a picture in your mind in your own native language that what will be theme of the song and what points you have to highlight in the lyrics. At each line, just try to feel the emotion by rapping the line yourself and sense the picture it will create in people's minds.

#2: Dealing with rhyming the words

How to Write Punjabi Rap Lyrics - Rap Flow Lyrics

If you came across a situation where you are not able to find the exact word to rhyme then just use the Google search if you know that word in English language. Moreover you can start saving Punjabi words either in your mind or make a notebook of it from wherever you hear it. I suggest you to listen some of Bohemia or Guru Lahori songs as they are perfect in Punjabi rapping.

#3: Adding some English words

But still if you are not able to express your lyrics fully in Punjabi then kindly start adding some English words which will become easy for you to express freely and also for rhyming the words. To find English words for rhyming the lines, you can take help from the Rhymebrain website.

#4: Choosing Appropriate words

How to Write Punjabi Rap Lyrics - Rap Flow Lyrics

We all know these days, most of the western rap lyrics consist of vulgar lyrics which is obvious not a good option for us to do the same in Punjabi language unless it suits your image. Therefore try to avoid those big words which can create an issue for you until it is required or you are an underground rapper. Mostly use those words which are common and also add some words which are not familiar to the audience so that they can create a curiosity to know about it.

#5: Structuring the Lyrics

You have to write the lyrics in a sequence. if you are describing a story then you should frame the lyrics in a way that the listener can dragged himself into the lyrics and feel the journey in it. You cannot mix the lyrics flow to whatever you want as to just rhyme the words.

#6: Fitting on the beat

How to Write Punjabi Rap Lyrics - Rap Flow Lyrics

At last, this is the most important step you have to take while writing rap lyrics. Once you had done writing the lyrics, just spit the lyrics on the beat. You will find the adjustments required to fit the words. I usually start playing the beat from the first line and the beat is made to keep on looping.


I would like to conclude that writing rap lyrics is just like writing poetry but the only difference is that you have to write real stuffs. You can make your bars to reside on people's minds only if you had expressed your emotions in the same way as you had experienced them.

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