English Rap Lyrics - Spin That Shit | Attitude | Haters

English Rap Lyrics - Spin That Shit

( Attitude - Haters )

Aye yo,
Spin that shit, spin that shit,
So that you can hit to the beat,
Don't try to be unfit, just admit,
What you have commit, or else just quit,
Man if you think life is a joke,
Then to be honest switch to hip hop,
Coke up to real life, don't be a part of yoke,
Soak up on how to survive, you need to provoke,
Just lit yourself, to make the things clear,
I swear , remove your fear, just change the gear,
To make people to realize that they are queer,
And you are on the top of this human sphere,
No one can obstruct you to be a victor,
Make things perfect so that people can't be constrictor,
You will earn the repect from people,
Like you are a real king of hustler.

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