English Rap - Don't Interfere

English Rap Lyrics - Don't Interfere

I am hustling the hustle,
With my style in bustle,
Not afraid of having a tussle,
I know the power of my muscle.
You better focus on your life,
To setter locus & be on thrive,
You compare with me to revive,
With no criteria but with connive.
I know the stamina of my potential,
To work on my hardwork with inferential,
To achieve my goals in sequential,
to put all my success in credential.
I know my caste, experienced my past,
Seen this world with my eyes in vast,
And you are restricting me like a mast,
Showing your low behaviour in aghast.
Please have some rest to gear up shaft,
Make your life in draft to make it last,
I'm on my way to live a life of peace,
Not to follow blindly in crowd piece,
You are making me to loose like a caprice,
Not knowing what it means but yes, you wheeze,
To insist your insecurity in me as you wish.
But my real stardom will protect me,
From all the cobwebs that restricts me,
To move towards my goal of success,
& to gain freedom so that no one will oppress.

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