English Rap - My Style of Success

English Rap Lyrics - My Style of Success

( Attitude - Lifestyle - Haters )

All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead glower
I pray my dick get huge as the Eiffel Tower
So I can fuck the world for twenty four hours.
I don't feel shy to fly like a spy
And I never cry to become a high,
becoz I'm already high, don't ask me why?
I'm the best in the world not like you fucking guy.
Girls are mad for my sight to spend the night,
Girls on the room waiting to turn off the light,
Girls on the bed eager to make my dick tight
After hearing this, I know you are on fright,
that's alright !.
My name is printed on a golden chain
My name is framed in my lamborghini and private plane
It's selfsame that I always dreamed of in my aim
to make my name on peoples' brain like a stain.
A couple of years ago, before the year that i plow
My cash flow was low, I was low on dough
Used to try to talk to fly girls, and they was like: No!
I knew that all of that'd change once I started to blow
Now my pockets are bloated, because I exploded
Stay devoted, dropped a hot album, now I'm loaded
I hang with fly stars, buy cars, and now I'm like Yo!.
So, never underestimate my flow, you will be faint,
Just appreciate my glow, you will be treated as saint.
You have to know why you should respect me,
becoz till now you havn't see my real glee.
I wake up in the morning with the hope,
to make the day dope and float avoing mope,
Then I pick my pen and split with my throat,
that I wrote on pages with my node and smote.
With so much popularity comes great temerity
But still I apply verity on my work with clarity
Today I'm living a life of success king
I have money, girls, respect due to my pecularity.

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