English Rap - Just Be Myself

English Rap Lyrics - Just Be Myself

( Attitude - Haters ) 

Aye Yo,
Lay low for the king, Mc's down out extreme,
You hear my rhyme with beat you scream,
Hold the mic with a grip when I'm regularly ciphering scripts
Got no ice on the wrist,but I possess a lyrical license to spit
My mighty wisdom will tell you 'life is a gift' and 'death is a curse'
You are proud of being the greatest when you are the best of the worst.
My rhyme will make you to crawl like a baby,
You will cry for no one to give you fucking shady,
My rhyme on the beat will break your dreams,
becoz they are based on reality and it deems,
You will be pissed off like a hell to my lyrical aroma,
and you will insist your desire to turn into trauma.
My words and my style is what I got to defeat,
My guts and my smile is what I caught on the beat,
to each bar, I drop my words like a intense heat,
and you feel the excess warm like a bullshit.
You are jealous of my success and progress,
You don't know how I manage things for my prospects,
You ain't judge me by putting your cobwebs,
Its just a waste of your time and its a non-sense.
Its not your business to put me on down,
Its my town of success and you seem to be a clown,
You will soon be drown in my doping lyrical renoun,
and my success will make you to fall into downe.
You know what i mean, just beware who you are,
and know where do you stand in front of my avatar,
I even can't compare my ideology with your bizzare,
Just fuck off and give me the way to smoke my cigar.


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